Murder on the Orient Express for a night full of mysteries

On Wednesday, 29 November at the Tuckwood cinema, International School Savremena’s students and their teachers watched the film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel Murder on the Orient Express, directed by Kenneth Branagh who also portrays the famous detective Hercule Poirot.

After they had read one of the most popular novels by Agatha Christie, Savremena’s students enjoyed the excellent performances by world-famous actors – Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench and Johnny Depp – and were able to understand the message of the book and the film from a different perspective.

Never abating intrigues

Although the original movie based on this book by Agatha Christie was filmed in 1974, the audience still enjoys witnessing how this well-known murder is solved.

A murder has occurred on the Orient Express, one of the most famous trains in the world gathering 13 passengers, and Hercule Poirot, a detective well-known for his striking moustache and sharp mind, has been asked to solve the case. At Tuckwood, Savremena’s students rediscovered who the main culprit was, and if there were any innocent passengers on the train.

Film critics in action

After the visit to the cinema, the students conveyed their impressions in a project in which they took on the roles of film critics.

In one lesson, English teacher Bojana Vidović helped the students expand their vocabulary and develop their critical thinking skills while providing clear and well-supported arguments. All Savremena’s students need to do now is summarise their views and use their sharp wit to illustrate why this movie is special and unique.

So, Savremena’s critics, how was the movie?!

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