Red Cross Serbia presentation for Savremena’s students

On Friday, 24 November, the humanitarian organisation Red Cross Serbia held a presentation for Savremena’s students, explaining how they can participate in their humanitarian campaigns, events and other activities, as well as why this is important for the entire community.

Red Cross synonym for charity

Red Cross Serbia is an independent humanitarian organisation recognised as the biggest and oldest organisation of volunteers in the country, gathering 60 000 volunteers from all across Serbia, 60% of which are teenagers and young adults.

Currently, it is working on 64 projects across the country, and its main principles are humanitarianism, impartiality, neutrality, independence, volunteerism, unity and universality. With joined forces, this association fights for making our community better by changing the lives of those who need help.

Humaneness of Savremena’s students

Savremena’s students are aware that being humane is the most important prerequisite for a happy and content life, which is why they were very attentive during the presentation specially organised for them by the representatives of the Red Cross.


The students expressed their wish to do good deeds and help those in need, thus becoming members of a huge network of people fighting for the same cause – providing help and care for marginalised groups. This is why many of them will join those who contribute to making this idea come to life.

It was a great honour for International School Savremena to host such an organisation, and encourage its students to be humane and take part in charity work.

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