Celebrating Halloween – an unforgettable fancy dress party and exciting scary lessons

International School Savremena continued its tradition of organising terrific fun events for its students. On October 31, we surprised our students with special Halloween-themed lessons followed by a Halloween party.


A terrific fancy dress party

At International School Savremena, the week before Halloween was marked by the preparations for the fancy dress party, which both the students and teachers looked forward to.  

The school premises were turned into a real creative workshop where the students carved pumpkins and made decorations for the party, so that everything would be ready for scary Tuesday, when everyone gathered at school. Vampires, witches, skeletons and bats roamed Savremena’s hallways spreading fear. Everyone was amazed by how creative the costumes of both the students and teachers were; however, they were also confused, as it was really hard to guess the person behind each costume.

The cheerful and fun event, throughout which unavoidable selfies were taken, culminated in the performance by the school band Gimnazijalci which played all the popular hits.


Awards for the best and most original costumes

This year, too, we have awarded the students for their creativity, imagination and efforts. The award for the scariest costumes was given to Zoja Žegarac and Uroš Jež, second place went to Eyad Al-Hussain and Vuk Cemović, while the most original and unique participants were Jana Andrić and Kristina Jokanović.

They were joined on the winners' podium by Jovana Mijailović, Tara Papić and Aleksa Rakićević; the teachers, too, had very creative costumes. The best among them, based on the students’ votes, were Andrej Bunjac, Tatjana Vilček, Filip Lončar and Nikola Mijatov.


Lessons in the spirit of Halloween

What came before the party were truly different Halloween-themed lessons.

In Serbian lessons, Savremena’s students read scary stories from the period of Serbian realism, while in English lessons they got acquainted with the famous poems The Raven and Annabel Lee, and studied the elements of gothic literature.

History lessons were dedicated to investigating examples of alien appearances through history. Third grade students also held a witch trial, remembering the periods in history when this was common practice. This topic also made Latin lessons incredibly fun.

In Biology lessons, the students tried to identify the objects in the magic box, which were actually the props from horror movies and stories, such as replicas of organs, hands, nails, etc. Can you imagine their reaction when they thought they were holding worms instead of spaghetti? During these lessons, the students also learned which organisms appeared on the silver screen, but also how “zombie fungus” or certain viruses could serve as inspiration for movies.


The geography teacher “took” Savremena’s students back to ancient times and showed them the characteristics of celtic paganism, while in chemistry lessons, the students experimented with creating artificial blood and a genie in the bottle.

Maths lessons helped students discover unusual ways of adding and subtracting fractions using the butterfly method, while, by playing card games, they learnt that solving complex equations can be magical, too.  

Psychology lessons were just as interesting, as the students got to know the members of the well-known Addams family and, by analysing their characters, learned what family values they cherished.

Exciting themed lessons tickled the imagination of Savremena’s students and made the school days before Halloween unforgettable. Once again, Savremena lived up to its reputation of a Future Ready School.

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