The 62nd International Belgrade Book Fair – Savremena’s students discover that “books are the key”

On Monday, 23 October, Savremena’s students and written word aficionados visited the 62nd International Belgrade Book Fair together with their Serbian, Latin and Religious Education teachers, thus continuing the tradition.

Belgrade Book Fair – favourite place for today’s literature lovers

The International Belgrade Book Fair is the most significant and prestigious literary event in Southeastern Europe and one of the biggest fairs in Europe in general, as its founders have pointed out. This year, it hosted more than 450 domestic and foreign publishers. This is a great opportunity for all its visitors to remember the real value of books, which is exactly what the Savremena’s students have done this year.

The extent to which Savremena’s students are interested in reading and visiting the Book Fair was clear in early October when they started making lists of comic books, dictionaries, novels, handbooks and classics of world and domestic literature they would like to enrich their home libraries with.

Book Fair

Visiting the stands of numerous publishers was a real adventure for the students who are now experienced and demanding readers, as they had to find the right titles that would capture their attention and trigger their imagination in a sea of different titles and colourful covers.

Although Savremena’s students use technology in learning on a daily basis, and consider e-books their favourite source of knowledge, they admit that they do enjoy the physical contact with a book and the unique smell of printed pages.

Exemplary audience of the future

International School Savremena understands the importance of visits that broaden the horizons of students and expand their knowledge, which is why it has become a tradition for Savremena’s students to be part of important cultural and artistic events.

Developing these habits results in creating a demanding, but educated audience of the future that enjoys and looks forward to valuable artistic events and gatherings.

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