Savremena’s football team participates in municipal competition

International School Savremena’s football team took part in the municipal round of competition, which was held on Thursday, 12 October, at the Third Belgrade Gymnasium. The team of talented Savremena’s football players reached the quarterfinals, bravely confronting the tough competition from other secondary schools in Vračar.

Sports challenge strengthens team spirit

Physical education teachers, Stefan Radojičić and Miloš Grubješić, prepared Savremena’s football prayers for the new sports challenge, providing support throughout these neck-and-neck matches.


The team, which consisted of: Sava Pavlović, Pavle Stanić, Bogdan Veličković, David Stojanović, Đorđe Taševski, Jovan Jovanović, Vuk Vuković, Mario Šuntić, Aleksa Cvetković and team captain Boško Meštrović confronted their well-known rival – the Secondary Technical School for Architecture. Although Savremena’s team fought bravely and did their best, it wasn’t enough to assure the victory and progress to the next stage.

Numerous challenges still lie in store for them, so we’d like to wish them the best of luck in the forthcoming competitions and hope that this season will be as successful as the previous one. We cheer for them and anticipate new medals and celebrations!

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