GIMNAZIJALCI - A band you will grow to love more and more

SG Team, Savremena’s school band that has been embellishing everyday life for Savremena’s students for the past two years, has now changed its name and finally filmed their first music video.

Gimnazijalci, which is the new name of SG Team, remembered for their irresistible gigs and contribution to school events, gatherings and festivals, didn’t think all this was enough, so they used their summer break for additional rehearsals and filming.

A video as a dream come true

Gimnazijalci, who are already well-known for their unique interpretation of rock hits, prepared another musical delicacy for their fans - a cover version of the song Crazy by the famous English singer-songwriter Seal. However, they didn’t stop there - with the help of Uroš Krstović, they also made a music video which premiered on 13 September.  

Take a look at the first music video of Gimnazijalci that Savremena is truly proud of.

Performance at last year’s LINK2job Fair

Wherever they performed, Savremena’s band created an excellent atmosphere and amazed the audience with their performance. This was the case at last year’s LINK2job Fair in October, which was held at the Hotel Jugoslavija. As far as we know, chances are that Savremena’s school band will again be contributing to this event scheduled for October this year.

Fostering an excellent music taste, Gimnazijalci intend to bring quality music closer to their peers, so we can expect a lot more surprises from them in the future.

Love for music, dedication, numerous rehearsals and mastering their talents will undoubtedly secure a prosperous future for them, and Savremena, along with its parent company LINK group, will continue to support them in making their musical dreams come true.

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