Radnički Beograd women’s handball team visit Savremena International School

On Wednesday, 21 June, members of the Radnički Beograd women’s handball team and their coach Mirko Šuman visited Savremena’s recently opened premises in Belgrade Palace, where they were introduced to the concept of the Intelligent Classroom and tried out innovative technological gadgets used by Savremena’s students.

Impressive collection of trophies

The club, founded in 1949, prides itself on 14 national league titles, 13 Cup trophies and, most importantly, 3 European Championship titles. The club is also a four-time runner-up in the same competition.

Despite being the women’s handball club with most trophies in Serbia, Radnički Beograd is currently not competing. However, the talent and dedication of these young handball players will undoubtedly enable them to compete in official matches soon.

A cherished partnership

Savremena and Radnički Beograd WHC have been collaborating for 2 years now, which is why the visit of these girls was particularly important to the most modern Cambridge school.

In addition to receiving Savremena’s T-shirts, the handball players enjoyed the school’s modern premises in the very centre of the city and learned about the application of the interactive table and Samsung VR. In addition, they didn’t miss the opportunity to visit the Institute for Contemporary Education, where they had their photos taken with the adorable Ubtech robot.

As early as autumn this year, the Radnički Beograd women’s junior volleyball team is paying a visit to Savremena. With its hospitality, Savremena International School has once again proven that it cherishes and enhances its partnerships, and that its doors are always wide open.

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