Exciting ending of another school year

Interesting events and exciting extra-curricular activities are an inherent part of school life of Savremena’s students. Therefore, the end of yet another school year at Savremena was celebrated in the same manner.

On Monday, 19 June, instead of going to school, the students had lessons in a “classroom without walls” during visits to Mount Avala and the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve.

Unforgettable orienteering and visit to Avala Tower

First grade students followed in the footsteps of their school mates who went on the same journey last year while in first grade. The adventure started by relaxing in nature, after which they used their maps to conquer the peaks of Mount Avala.

With great company, laughter and plenty of adventurous spirit, the students reached their destination, and then climbed up the Avala Tower, built in 1965, where they enjoyed a wonderful view of Belgrade.

Revisiting the past and enjoying the beauty of nature

For second grade students and their friends from the Cambridge Programme, the school organised an unforgettable trip to the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve, and on their way to this destination, Savremena’s students visited the former capital of the Roman Empire, Sirmium (modern day Sremska Mitrovica).  

Here, they saw the Imperial Palace and one part of its imperial complex, the circus, one of the most important archaeological locations in Sremska Mitrovica.

Savremena’s students’ adventure through history and nature continued in Zasavica, where they saw the untouched natural beauties of this region. At the proposal of the Institute of Nature Conservation of Serbia, this special reserve was put under state protection in 1997, as a category I natural good of exceptional importance.

At Zasavica, Savremena’s students saw numerous protected plant and animal species, attentively listened to stories about rare birds, enjoyed vast pastures and went on a relaxing boat ride.

Reward for a successful school year

Fun and reminiscing about shared moments marked the final school day for Savremena’s students. They happily embraced the summer break, a reward for all the effort and dedication shown throughout the school year, which will prepare them for new challenges awaiting as early as September.

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